Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Who I am?

I would never order a skim-milk, decaf latte at Starbucks - I like my coffee dark and strong. There is a time to be gentle and to compromise, but there are also times when I am prepared to disagree and stand my ground. I can quote Yeats and Kant, but also don't mind getting my hands dirty. You would have to pay me to watch a Hugh Grant movie – my taste is more Kurosawa, Kubrick, and Scorsese. I moved to Boston a year ago after living a couple of years in NYC. I am very happy to have found a calling that allows me to working with and help people from different walks of life. I eat carb, and I never wear or drink anything pink. I'm more impressed by a person's character than his achievement. I love seeing beauty in imperfections and common places. Most important of all, I understand passion - I crave it and I live it.